About Us

The Oklahoma City Figure Skating Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that currently serves approximately 125 active members. Our members are a family of athletes and parents who are excited to share their love of the sport of figure skating with you. Our “Vision Statement” is to provide an environment that promotes, supports, develops and sustains figure skating in central Oklahoma.

The Club provides Exhibitions, Seminars, Testing, Ice Shows, Parties, Mentoring, etc., with discounted fees to our members as well as providing these areas to encourage and develop amateur skaters. We are volunteers who serve our members, non-members and community. Many times we have donated to charities from our profits at our ice shows. We may be the beginning for an Olympic skater or a social experience for another. Young ages to Adult, figure skating offers so many things for so many different people. There are different programs you can choose from. As a figure skater, you will learn self-discipline, confidence, goal setting and how to attain it. These are life lessons that will follow you well past your skating years. OKCFSC is there is help and mentor you through your experience.

Oklahoma City Figure Skating is a member of U S Figure Skating. U S Figure Skating is the National Governing body for the sport of figure skating in the United States. It provides the framework and sanctions that encourage the compliance of member clubs for qualification as national and international skaters in all sanctioned events up through the Winter Olympic Games. It is a member of the International Skating Union. In addition, U.S. Figure Skating publishes SKATING magazine which provides in-depth coverage of the world of skating for sports enthusiasts and is provided to our members as part of their membership.